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Supplier Audit

A preventive solution by SLIC for importers, aimed at avoiding the establishment of trade relationships with non-reliable overseas suppliers, therefore eliminating the risk of fraud or that of acquiring products that do not have the desired level of quality. Leaves all foreign supplier audits in the hands of our experts and saves you from long and costly trips. 

Our audit services are divided into two main functional branches:

Report with photos SafeLink
Report with photos SafeLink

Company or factory audit 

SLIC helps your company to make sure that you are dealing with the right supplier, whether it is manufacturer, assembler, distributor or broker. 

During the implementation of this solution, one of our expert auditors visits your provider´s facilities to interview all personnel involved in the production or manufacturing of your merchandise, and to draft a Professional Report with pictures of the facilities, and of the full auditing process; grading the supplier in accordance with such results to being able to give you the certainty you need to launch your first product acquisition.  

Physical existence of the company 

Compliance with tax and employer obligations 

Compliance with its commercial commitments

Verification of social security compliance

Third-party data protection mechanisms

Compliance protocols

Report with photos SafeLink

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