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Quality Inspection SafeLink

Quality inspection

This solution focuses in reviewing the quality of raw materials and finished products in accordance with International Quality Standards (AQL). 

While our professional inspectors (SLIC Quality Advisors) have an absolute command of the quality requirements that the type of products we inspect have, we can also adapt to specific requests from each of our clients. 

Quality Inspection SafeLink

This solution can also be implemented throughout different stages of the production process:



(QIPP- Quality Inspection Pre-Production)

Takes place upon receipt of raw materials and focuses in reviewing their quality, as well as confirming that production times reported by the supplier are adequate.


Early Production

(QIEPS - Quality Inspection Early Production Stage)

Takes place when between 1% and 20% of the total number of pieces belonging to the purchase order in review have been assembled. Quality deviations are detected in this stage with a minimum impact in the delivery times agreed initially. 


Production in Process

(QIDPP - Quality Inspection during Production Process) 

Executed when 21% to 99 % of the pieces belonging to the purchase order in review have been produced. During this stage quality deviations are detected to request the provider to take the corresponding measures to avoid an impact in delivery times. 


Post Production

(QIAPP - Quality Inspection after Production Process)

Takes place once 100 per cent of the corresponding units that belong to the purchase order in review have been manufactured. A sample can be taken from 1% up to the total number of pieces. The size of the sample to be inspected will be in reference to the number of pieces that can be inspected during a period of 8 person-hours.  

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